Special Courts in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa

Special Court's Judges

Name Designation Domicile Date of Posting
Syed Ihtesham Ali Relieved to Join his new assignment on deputation basis at Judicial Service, Islamabad Kohat 15-09-2018
Mr. Fakhar Zaman Relieved to join his new assignment as Director, Federal Judicial Academy, Islamabad D.I.Khan 27-06-2018
Mr. Tahir Mehmood Services placed at the disposal of Islamabad High Court, Islamabad Mansehra 10-10-2016
Miss Haseena Saqlain Relieved to Join her new assignment on deputation basis at Judicial Service, Islamabad Kohat 15-09-2018
Mr. Zia-ur-Rehman Director Regulations, SDJ, Peshawar High Court, Peshawar Abbottabad 04-02-2019
Mr. Ahmad Iftikhar Director, Instructions-II, KP Judicial Academy, Peshawar D.I.Khan 25-09-2018
Mr. Zaeem Ahmad Director, HR&W, SDJ, Peshawar High Court, Peshawar Peshawar 25-02-2019
Mr. Tariq Yousafzai Judge, Anti-Terrorism Court, Peshawar Mardan 07-10-2016
Mr. Ishtiaq Ahmad Administrative Judge, Accountability Courts, Peshawar Haripur 03-06-2017
Mr. Khawaja Wajih-ud-Din Registrar, Peshawar High Court, Peshawar Peshawar 09-07-2018
Mr. Muhammad Hamid Mughal Member, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Service Tribunal, Peshawar Peshawar 30-05-2017
Mr. Abdul Ghafoor Qureshi Judge, Labour Court, Peshawar Abbottabad 30-08-2018
Mr. Muhammad Tariq Chairman, Drug Court, Peshawar Mardan 18-01-2017
Mr. Ikhtiar Khan Special Judge (Provincial) Anti-Corruption, Peshawar Nowshera 20-08-2018
Mr. Naveed Ahmad Khan Relieved to join his new assingment as Judge, Accountability Court-IV, Peshawar Mansehra 24-05-2017
Mr. Madad Khan Presiding Officer, Special Court (Offences in Banks), Peshawar Peshawar 07-03-2017
Mr. Ahmad Sultan Tareen Legal Draftsman, Peshawar High Court, Peshawar Haripur 18-07-2018
Mr. Mahmood-ul-Hassan Judge, Anti-Terrorism Court, Peshawar Karak 07-03-2017
Mr. Muhammad Zubair Khan Member Inspection Team, Peshawar High Court, Peshawar Peshawar 18-07-2018
Mr. Muzzamil Shah Khattak Judge, Banking Court-II, Peshawar Karak 20-06-2018
Mr. Muhammad Amin Member, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Service Tribunal, Peshawar Tank 07-03-2017
Syed Kamal Hussain Shah Judge, Anti-Corruption (Central), Peshawar Haripur 07-03-2017
Mr. Naseem Akbar Judge, Accountability Court, Peshawar Mansehra 07-03-2017
Mr. Muhammad Zeb Khan Principal Staff Officer to HCJ, Peshawar High Court, Peshawar Peshawar 18-07-2018
Mr. Muhammad Zafar Special Judge, Customs, Taxation and Anti-Smuggling, Peshawar Charsadda 22-05-2018
Syed Aqeel Shah Judge, Consumer Court, Peshawar Peshawar 07-03-2017
Mr. Sohail Sheraz Noor Sani Services placed at the disposal for further posting of DG KPJA, Peshawar Peshawar 25-02-2019
Mrs. Muneera Abbasi Judge, Accountability Court-II, Peshawar Abbottabad 14-02-2018
Mr. Shakeel Azam Awan Dean at Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Judicial Academy, Peshawar D.I.Khan 25-02-2019
Mr. Fazal Sattar Judge, Anti-Terrorism Court, Peshawar Swat 28-05-2019
Mr. Khalid Khan Mohmand Director Inspections, SDJ, Peshawar High Court, Peshawar Mohmd:Agcy 18-07-2018
Mr. Amjad Zia Siddiqui Senior Director Research and Publication, KP Judicial Academy, Peshawar Peshawar 04-02-2019
Mr. Inamullah Wazir Director HR&W, SDJ, Peshawar High Court, Peshawar S.Wazir.Ag 18-07-2018
Mr. Abid Sarwar A.R (Admn) with additional charge of Director NJPIC, Peshawar High Court, Peshawar Nowshera 04-02-2019
Mrs. Nusrat Yasmeen Intekhab Judge, Special Court (Control of Narcotics Substances), Peshawar Peshawar 07-03-2017
Syed Hassan Raza Shah Director HRC with additional charge of Research Officer, Peshawar High Court, Peshawar D.I.Khan 25-02-2019
Syeda Tehreema Sabahat Assistant Legal Draftsperson, Peshawar High Court, Peshawar Mansehra 18-07-2018
Mr. Jamaluddin Judge, Anti-Terrorism Court, Buner Swat 18-01-2017
Mr. Hidayatullah Khan Judge, Cosnumer Court, Chitral Mohd:Ageny 04-08-2018
Mr. Muhammad Jamal Presiding Officer, Labour Court, D.I.Khan Malakand 30-04-2018
Mr. Inamullah Khan Judge, Anti-Terrorism Court, D.I.Khan Bannu 04-10-2018
Mr. Muhammad Farhatullah Khan Judge, Consumer Court, D.I.Khan Bannu 16-08-2017
Mr. Muhammad Shoaib Additional Registrar, Peshawar High Court, Bench D.I.Khan Peshawar 25-02-2019
Mr. Abdur Rauf Khan Judge, Consumer Court, Tank Bannu 28-05-2019
Mr. Babar Ali Khan Judge, Anti-Terrorism Court, Bannu Peshawar 28-03-2017
Mr. Muhammad Adil Khan Additional Registrar, Peshawar High Court Bench, Bannu Peshawar 25-02-2019
Mr. Ihsanullah Khan Mahsud Special Judge, Anti-Corruption, Southern Districts Headquarter at Bannu S.Wazir:Ag 07-03-2017
Mr. Jehanzeb Shinwari Judge, Cosnumer Court, Bannu Peshawar 04-08-2018
Miss Ambareen Naveed Judge, Cosnumer Court, Lakki Peshawar 04-08-2018
Mr. Badruddin Judge, Consumer Court, Kohat Bannu 16-08-2017
Mr. Abdul Baseer Judge, Anti-Terrorism Court, Kohat Malakand 29-08-2018
Mr. Liaqat Ali Judge, Cosnumer Court, Karak Peshawar 04-08-2018
Mr. Haq Nawaz Judge, Cosnumer Court, Nowshera Batagram 04-08-2018
Mr. Shafiq Ahmad Tanoli Presiding Officer, Labour Court, Haripur Haripur 30-04-2018
Mrs. Shahnaz Hameed Khattak Judge, Cosnumer Court, Haripur Peshawar 04-08-2018
Mr. Muhammad Sabir Judge, Consumer Court, Abbottabad Peshawar 28-05-2019
Mr. Aurangzeb Khattak Judge, Anti-Terrorism Court, Abbottabad Karak 04-10-2018
Mr. Aamer Nazir Bhatti Judge, Banking Court, Abbottabad Abbottabad 20-06-2018
Mr. Haq Nawaz Khan On promotion posted as Additional Registrar, Peshawar High Court Bench, Abbottabad Haripur 18-07-2018
Mr. Azhar Ali Judge, Cosnumer Court, Mansehra Abbottabad 04-08-2018
Mr. Fareed Khan Alizai Judge, Cosnumer Court, Charsadda Haripur 04-08-2018
Mr. Muhammad Asim Imam Judge, Anti-Terrorism Court, Mardan Peshawar 04-10-2018
Mr. Muhammad Hussain Presiding Officer, Labour Court, Mardan Peshawar 30-04-2018
Mr. Riaz Ahmad Judge, Anti-Terrorism Court, Matta (Swat) at Mardan Malak:Agcy 29-08-2018
Ms. Rashida Bano Judge, Cosnumer Court, Mardan Peshawar 04-08-2018
Miss Phool Bibi Judge, Cosnumer Court, Swabi Mansehra 04-08-2018
Mr. Jehangir Khan Judge, Cosnumer Court, Malakand Mohmd:Agcy 04-08-2018
Mr. Liaqat Ali Khan Marwat Additional Registrar, Peshawar High Court, Mingora Bench, Swat Lakki 25-02-2019
Syed Zamarrud Shah Judge, Consumer Court, Swat Charsadda 13-01-2017
Mr. Aftab Afridi Presiding Officer, Labour Court, Swat Kh:Agency 26-02-2018
Syed Obaidullah Shah Judge, Anti-Terrorism Court-I, Swat Dir 29-08-2018
Mr. Ajmal Khan Wazir Judge, Anti-Terrorism Court-II, Swat S.Wazir.Ag 29-08-2018
Mr. Khalid Khan Judge, Anti-Terrorism Court-I, Dir Lower (Timergara) Mardan 29-08-2018

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