In modern era finding solutions to most issues and problems is dependent upon the awareness of citizens. Undoubtedly education plays a major role in rising people’s awareness. Nevertheless, well-educated and highly placed professionals too, are often not aware of provisions in laws and implications of their violations. Many would not know the nitty-gritty of several statutory laws and their applications.


It is, therefore, imperative that some opportunities must be made available to the people particularly the poor and vulnerable segment of society so they can take advantage of these opportunities to increase their knowledge and awareness. As a result, cost of most of the activities performed in society will be reduced.


Apart from its traditional role of delivering justice, judiciary all over the world is playing a proactive role in rendering legal help to citizens. References from the International Jurisdictions demonstrate that Self Help Centers’ set up by Californian Superior Courts, offer court based self-help services. In UK, certain information is being provided through the website to the lay person/self-represented litigants about the court processes. In other countries as Canada, handbooks for self-represented litigants are being published to assist individuals navigating the justice system.


Materializing the vision of Hon’ble the Chief Justice, the Human Rights Cell has launched free legal self-help through its Call Center/Help Line 1042 with the establishment of first ever “Legal Self-Help Center” in Pakistan. Thus Human Rights Cell is committed to play a supportive role to ensure better access to justice for all citizens and deliver services that meet the needs of the people.

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