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Judges in a common law system are required to make judgments that are as compatible as possible with past judicial decisions on the same subject. In Pakistan, precedents have binding force under Articles 189, 201, and 203 GG of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan's Constitution. The need to provide judicial assistance to courts in their decision-making and to help improve the efficiency and effectiveness of judicial service necessitated the establishment of a dedicated and well-equipped legal research Centre/Cell in the Supreme Court and the Lahore High Court. The Peshawar High Court also established a Legal Research Cell in 2016 in its Research and Reference Wing, which rendered valuable assistance to this Honorable Court for a considerable time but it ceased to function for some time. Keeping in view the significance of the research work and the need for insight and qualitative assistance the cell was re-activated in the year 2020.

The Cell aims at providing research-based responses to the queries of Hon'ble Judges of the High Court. Besides studying and analyzing case laws of national jurisdiction intending to bring out their underlying conflicts, if any, and helping to promote legal certainty, it also prepares updates of case law from national and international jurisdictions. The Wing has developed a Query Management Information System in collaboration with the IT Wing of the Peshawar High Court to maintain a database of the queries assigned by the Honorable Judges and responded by the Research Office.

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