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Special Courts in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa

Special Court's Judges

Name Designation Domicile Date of Posting
Miss Nusrat Yasmeen Director, Federal Judicial Academy, Islamabad Peshawar 14-07-2015
Mr. Tahir Mehmood Services placed at the disposal of Islamabad High Court, Islamabad Mansehra 10-10-2016
Mr. Hayat Ali Shah Administrative Judge, Special Ehtesab Courts, Peshawar Manshera 03-04-2015
Mr. Mohammad Bashir Khan Special Judge (Provincial), Anti-Corruption, Peshawar Peshawar 05-03-2016
Mr. Subhan Sher Judge, Special Ehtesab Court, Peshawar Peshawar 18-03-2015
Mr. Mohammad Tariq Wali Judge, Banking Court-I, Peshawar Mardan 22-02-2014
Mr. Muhammad Azim Khan Chairman, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Service Tribunal, Peshawar Kohat 08-01-2015
Mr. Pir Bakhash Shah Incharge, NJPIC, Peshawar High Court, Peshawar Charsadda 04-01-2017
Mr. Muhammad Asim Imam Administrative Judge, Accountability Courts, Peshawar Peshawar 20-12-2016
Mr. Sharif Ahmad Member Inspection Team, Peshawar High Court, Peshawar Dir 28-01-2017
Mr. Ikram Ullah Khan Presiding Officer, Special Court (Offences in Banks), Peshawar Dir 13-07-2012
Mr. Tariq Yousafzai Judge, Anti-Terrorism Court, Peshawar Mardan 07-10-2016
Mr. Ishtiaq Ahmad Administrative Judge, Anti-Terrorism Courts, Peshawar Haripur 26-12-2016
Mr. Azhar Khan Judge, Accountability Court-I, Peshawar Swabi 11-03-2016
Mr. Muhammad Masood Khan Director General, KP Judicial Academy, Peshawar Abbottabad 11-01-2017
Mr. Khawaja Wajih-ud-Din Dean of Faculty, KP Judicial Academy, Peshawar Peshawar 16-11-2015
Mr. Muhammad Hamid Mughal Judge, Banking Court-II, Peshawar Peshawar 10-04-2014
Mr. Shahid Khan Judge, Special Court (Control of Narcotics Substances), Peshawar Charsadda 27-06-2016
Mr. Khurshid Iqbal Legal Draftsman, Peshawar High Court, Peshawar Nowshera 04-01-2017
Mr. Muhammad Tariq Chairman, Drug Court, Peshawar Mardan 18-01-2017
Mrs. Farah Jamshed Special Judge (Central), Anti-Corruption, Peshawar Mansehra 21-05-2015
Syed Ihtesham Ali AMIT/Director Human Rights Cell, Peshawar High Court, Peshawar Kohat 09-10-2014
Mr. Muhammad Asif Khan Services placed at the disposal of DG, KP Judicial Academy, Peshawar Swabi 11-01-2017
Mr. Muhammad Iqbal Khan Judge, Consumer Court, Peshawar Charsadda 16-11-2015
Mr. Naseem Akbar Services placed at the disposal of DG, KP Judicial Academy, Peshawar Mansehra 11-01-2017
Mr. Shoaib Khan Judge, Customs, Taxation and Anti-Smuggling Court, Peshawar Haripur 28-01-2017
Mr. Muhammad Zafar Judge, Anti-Terrorism Court, Peshawar Charsadda 31-12-2014
Mr. Muhammad Aamir Nazir Member, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Service Tribunal, Peshawar Peshawar 28-04-2016
Mr. Ashfaque Taj Member, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Service Tribunal, Peshawar D.I.Khan 30-11-2016
Syed Anees Badshah Bukhari OSD, Peshawar High Court, Peshawar Mardan 13-01-2017
Mr. Asad Hameed Khan Judge, Accountability Court, Peshawar Kohat 28-01-2017
Mr. Muhammad Arshad Presiding Officer, Labour Court, Peshawar Mansehra 14-10-2016
Miss Haseena Saqlain OSD, Peshawar High Court, Peshawar Kohat 09-10-2014
Qazi Atta Ullah Director Instructions, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Judicial Academy, Peshawar Swat 29-11-2012
Mr. Jamaluddin Judge, Anti-Terrorism Court, Buner Swat 18-01-2017
Mr. Inamullah Wazir Additional Registrar, Peshawar High Court, Bench D.I.Khan S.Wazir.Ag 04-01-2017
Mr. Tariq Parvez Baloch OSD, Peshawar High Court, Bench D.I.Khan D.I.Khan 28-01-2017
Mr. Inamullah Khan Judge, Anti Terrorism Court, D.I.Khan Bannu 09-10-2014
Mr. Liaqat Ali Khan Marwat Presiding Officer, Labour Court, D.I.Khan Lakki 08-09-2015
Syed Aqeel Shah Judge, Consumer Court, Tank Peshawar 13-10-2016
Mr. Ihteshamul Haq Danishmand Khan Additional Registrar, Peshawar High Court Bench, Bannu Kohat 01-10-2016
Mr. Kalim Arshad Khan Special Judge, Anti-Corruption, Southern Districts Headquarter at Bannu D.I.Khan 28-11-2014
Mr. Mahmood-ul-Hassan Judge, Anti-Terrorism Court, Bannu Karak 09-10-2014
Mr. Rafiullah Judge, Consumer Court, Bannu Lakki 13-01-2017
Mr. Muhammad Farhatullah Khan Judge, Consumer Court, Lakki Bannu 17-10-2016
Mr. Muhammad Younas Khan Judge, Anti-Terrorism Court, Kohat Peshawar 18-01-2017
Mr. Aftab Afridi Judge, Consumer Court, Kohat Kh:Agency 13-01-2017
Mr. Muhammad Naseem Judge, Consumer Court, Karak Peshawar 07-10-2015
Mr. Rajab Ali Judge, Consumer Court, Nowshera D.I.Khan 13-01-2017
Mr. Sardar Muhammad Irshad Presiding Officer, Labour Court, Haripur Abbottabad 25-07-2015
Mr. Haq Nawaz Khan Additional Registrar, Peshawar High Court Bench, Abbottabad Haripur 19-09-2016
Mr. Fazal Subhan Judge, Anti-Terrorism Court, Abbottabad Mardan 18-01-2017
Mr. Abdur Rauf Khan Judge, Consumer Court, Abbottabad Bannu 26-09-2016
Mr. Babar Ali Khan Judge, Consumer Court, Mansehra Peshawar 13-01-2017
Mrs. Rozina Rehman Judge, Consumer Court, Charsadda Peshawar 07-10-2015
Mr. Muhammad Jamal Presiding Officer, Labour Court, Mardan Malakand 11-06-2016
Syed Moamber Jan Administrative Judge, Administrative Court, Mardan Dir 15-12-2015
Mr. Sohail Sheraz Noor Sani Judge, Consumer Court, Mardan Peshawar 13-01-2017
Mr. Aamer Nazir Bhatti Judge, Anti-Terrorism Court-II, Mardan Abbottabad 15-12-2015
Syed Kamal Hussain Shah Judge, Consumer Court, Swabi Haripur 17-10-2016
Mr. Abdul Ghafoor Qureshi Judge, Consumer Court, Malakand Abbottabad 16-11-2015
Mr. Zafar Iqbal Khan Judge, Anti-Terrorism Court, Swat Bannu 18-01-2017
Mr. Muhammad Amin Judge, Anti-Terrorism Court, Swat Tank 09-10-2014
Syed Zamarrud Shah Judge, Consumer Court, Swat Charsadda 13-01-2017
Mr. Aurangzeb Presiding Officer, Labour Court, Malakand Division at Swat Peshawar 08-09-2015
Mr. Kashif Nadeem Additional Registrar, Peshawar High Court, Bench Mingora (Swat) Mardan 28-11-2016
Mr. Madad Khan Judge, Anti-Terrorism Court, Swat at Batkhela Peshawar 09-10-2014

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