Lunch Program for Hon'ble Justice Dost Muhammad Khan [18-01-2014] Oath Taking Ceremony of Bar members of Dar-ul-Qaza... [14-05-2018] Training conducted by ECP for DROs... [15-05-2018] Oath Taking Ceremony of newly elected cabinet members.... [12-05-2018] Meeting with the Members of the Bar [23-04-2018] Visit of Hon'ble the Chief Justice of Pakistan to Peshawar High Court [19-04-2018] Oath Taking Ceremony of Hon'ble Justice Waqar Ahmad Seth..... [05-04-2018] HON’BLE THE CHIEF JUSTICE VISITED DISTRICT ABBOTTABAD, HAWELIAN AND HARIPUR .... [26-03-2018] Full Court Reference [19-03-2018] Certificate Distribution Cermony of Judicial Officers.. [19-03-2018] More...
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